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SeNSim is a Java software which allows the creation of mobile wireless sensor networks and analyses information dissemination under different mobility and failures scenar- ios. The simulator also allows the evaluation of the characteristics related to this protocol under different mobility, failures, and stimulus scenarios.
In order to simulate large scale sensor networks scenarios during a long pe- riod of time, the designed simulator is based on a discrete-event system. This software is composed of two different parts: (1) generation of synthetic work- loads and (2) mobile WSN simulation.

Enregistrée : Dec 2005
Taux d'activité : 90%
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Yann Busnel
Marin Bertier
Aline Viana
Main Developers:
Yann Busnel
Gilles Tredan
Anne-Marie Kermarrec
Pramod Singh
Vincent Gramoli

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